Extra revenue @ NO extra cost. We have machines based all over the UK.

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Championship Boxer - Dawpol

Boxing Machine

What you get

Profit Shares, NO RENT, FREE Maintenance, Nationwide Operators, NO contract, Generates a fun and vibrant atmosphere in any venue, Reliable, Durable, MASSIVE Profits, Trial Periods available.

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Boxing Machine - Sales & Service

About Us

We have been operating and supplying Boxing Machines for over 7 years. We have worked with various manufacturers to ensure we work with the best products available.

We have built up a vast array of knowledge of the Boxing Machine, working with certain manufacturers closely to gain as much understanding of how the machine works. We have supplied the industry with Boxing Machines, spare parts, tech support and advice. Working with the large companies and the independent operators too, we also supply the licensed industry with our operating division and support team. We are based in East Yorkshire and cover the UK.


We operate the Boxing machines on a straight 50/50 shares basis. We deliver, install and set up the Boxing Machine on site in an area that works for every party involved. We offer an excellent customer service so that the machine is on ALL the time with as little down time as possible. We support you from day one, ensuring the machine generates the best income possible. We currently stock two different styles/shapes of Boxing Machines so that we have a different machine for different situations. Both Boxing Machines are excellent, reliable, durable and of course profitable machines. We donít take rent; there is no license fee or duty to pay Ė Profit! Profit! Profit! With the current climate being so volatile, these machines are a great alternative income to your venue! Give us a call on 07737988069 or email Andrew@haremleisure.co.uk.


We can hire these machines for events, social activities and other uses. There is a basic charge and then dependant on location & duration an additional charge. We have supplied too o2, channel 4, EA Games and Hull City FC to name a few.........also the machines can be re designed for such promotional opportunities, again there would be an additional charge for this service.


Our sales division has been a lot harder in recent years mainly due to the current economic climate and the huge popularity of the Boxing Machine. The durability of the Boxing Machine has also played its part, testament to the quality of what we have supplied. Any enquiries you may have again please contact us on 07737988069 or email Andrew@haremleisure.co.uk.


We hold hundreds of parts for use on most makes of Boxing Machines that are available in the UK. We have Punchballs, Coin Mechs, buttons, bladders, speakers, stickers and many more. Majority of these parts do fit in most makes of Boxing Machines......contact us to ask if they do?